Get to Know More About Side View Mirrors

The side view mirror is also known as wing mirror, as it is mounted on one side of a vehicle and look likes a small wing. It enables the driver to see areas behind and to the sides of his car at driving time.

Wing mirrors should be well designed. The mirror surface should be smooth and clear, and many mirrors are convex so as to give the driver a wide-angle view of the road. These mirrors are usually foldable, either electrically or manually. When a car is parked, the folding capability of the mirrors avoids them from being damaged by sideward force from like the swing door of the cars beside. So, just adjust your car’s mirror to an appropriate angle when it is parked.

You must have discovered that some mirrors have tiny light bulbs. These tiny bulbs are LED light source, used for delivering information of the car like its presence, position and turning direction to other road users. These LED light source is usually mounted along the bottom edge of a mirror cover’s outer face. This design helps oncoming high vehicles and pedestrians see the car’s information easily.

There is a huge selection of both wing mirrors and custom hollywood LED mirror covers for sale on automotive aftermarket for car users to choose. Each product is designed to fit one particular car brand, model and model year. Covers usually present stylish silver look or classic black look. By the way, we recommend you shop for them online as plenty time and money will be saved.

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